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As part of our aim to provide best-in-class Business Communications Services, we also offer industry leading Telecoms Solutions & Support.


In 2025, the older ISDN/PSTN Telecoms services will be switched off. We are working with businesses to modernise their Telecoms Solution with a system that is easier to use, packed with more features, and more importantly… future proof.

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Building a Better Business Telecoms Solution

At One2Call we pride ourselves as being leaders in the Business Telecoms Market, providing the best products and services to enhance how your business can operate. Much like with our Business Broadband Solutions, we strive to work along side your business to ensure we can make your telecoms systems work for you, offering industry leading services, features and support at the best prices available.

Due to the nature of our service, we pride ourselves on building bespoke packages for businesses to ensure that your business will have the best system that works for you. We test and source the best products and services ourselves to ensure that we trust what we recommend. This attention to detail, and passion for providing only the services we recommend and believe in, has lead to us becoming one of the limited number of 3CX Platinum Partners in the UK. 

3CX offers a best-in-class unified communications solution, that integrates all aspects of your business’ communications from phone calls to web chats with customers/clients, with the opportunity to be scalable for every business type, from sole trader to businesses with 100+ employees.  

As specialists in the Business Telecoms industry for more than 15 years, we can also offer ongoing support at a range of levels to suit your business’s requirements, and even support on legacy systems that are still in circulation before the 2025 ISDN/PSTN switch off. Our telecoms engineers have a wealth of experience across all major telecoms system suppliers and are able to offer their support regardless of the make of your system. 

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3CX Business Phone System

3CX Phone System

3CX Phone System is a modernised, software-based, phone system that allows for multiple channels to be installed including the services you desire when it comes to your telecoms. 

The system includes: 

  • Mobile (iOS & Android) and Desktop (Windows & Mac) Apps
  • Unlimited free extensions and softphone apps. 
  • Built in Dashboard and Call Reporting
  • Contact Centre features including skills-based routing & KPI reporting. 
  • Web Chat with chat-to-video built-in. 
  • Facebook Messenger & WhatsApp integration built-in.
  • App-free video conferencing. 
  • Click-to-call to let customers call for free (no cost to you or them). 
  • Off-the-shelf system integrations, including Microsoft 365 & Teams. 
Business Telecoms Support

Telecoms System Support Services

Our experts are always on hand if you should need support with some of our Telecoms Support Systems Including:  

  • PBX Support &Maintenance   
  • PBX and SIP Security   
  • VOIP System Support   
  • Call Recorder Support   
  • Microsoft Teams Support   
  • 3CX Support   
  • Legacy PBX Maintenance & Migration    
  • Move to Cloud   

    Our support hours are varied depending on your package here at One2Call. 

    Omni-Channel Contact Centre

    Omni-Channel Contact Centre

    Omni-Channel Contact Centre- All your Business Communications in One Place. It brings all your communication channels together, all monitored and used through one outlet to establish an ease of use. Communication platforms can include: 

    • Phone Calls  
    • Emails  
    • Web Chats  
    • SMS/WhatsApp  
    • Social Media
    • And much more. 
    Professional Voice Recording

    Professional Voice Recording

    When a customer/client calls your business, what do you want them to hear?  

    When developing a Professional Voice Recording, it is about creating a positive imagine for your company. Work with our experts to develop a personalised message for your business with the opportunity to add specific features including: 

    • Information about the office Opening Times/Hours & Holiday Messages.
    • Provide Call Menu Options.
    • Rely Marketing Messages.
    • Opportunity for background music (licenced music).
    • Specialised message depending on caller.

    Listen to some of our example voice messages and find out more. 

    We Compare Providers from our list of Partners to get the Best Service at the Best Price.

    We have a range of partnerships with the World’s leading providers to supply you with the most effective services when it comes to broadband, telecoms, mobile, and much more. Different brands offer different benefits which One2Call can tailor to your business so you can focus on what matters.

    Practice Safe Internet & Stay Secure with your Business Broadband

    When it comes to the internet, security is a big thing, especially for business who hold private/personal information which needs protecting/securing.  

    One2Call offer managed services that cover your security with bolt-ons available including:  

    And more to help keep your business and its data secure. We always recommend adding this coverage to your packages as the risks of cyber threat is far too great to get you and your business covered. 

    When it comes to business broadband is the backbone, supplying the WiFi/Wireless connection that you and your employee need every day.  

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do I get WiFi Included?

    WiFi and Broadband are two separate things. Broadband is your connection delivered via fibre or copper cables to your business. Whereas Wi-Fi is technology that allows you to connect your wireless devices to the internet.  

    When your broadband is connected to your property a Router will allow the data to be used to connect devices to the internet. Some Routers (especially consumer Routers) will allow you to connect to the internet over Wi-Fi built in to the routers. However, in many cases, this built in WiFi may not be have a suitable range, capacity or speed to be suitable to most businesses. In this case most businesses will have separate wireless infrastructure to allow for a wide range of devices to connect to the internet over a large business footprint.  

    At One2Call we can also work with your business to asses your Wireless/Networking requirements, and we can recommend (and even install, manage and maintain) a solution to suit your business needs. 

    Is Security included with my Business Broadband?

    When it comes to your cyber security, One2Call offer a range of services to keep you covered from all angles. These can all be added onto your plan as extras when we build your tailor-made service.  

    How reliable is my Business Broadband?

    The reliability of your Business Broadband is dependent on a magnitude of factors. However, building an ultrareliable, ultrafast Business Broadband is most achievable with Full Fibre Broadband (FTTP) and Leased Lines, as its transmitting technologies allow signal to be passed directly to your business.  

    If you do have any issues, our broadband services come with industry leading SLA (Service Level Agreement) fix times to ensure that you can get your business back up and running as quickly as possible, and as we are carrier independent, we can also provide backup lines on separate connections or emergency connectivity options to vastly reduce your risk of any potential downtime. 

    What is Broadband Bandwidth?

    Bandwidth is best defined as the maximum data transfer rate referring to the maximum amount of data transfer per second not the speed of data transfer.   

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