Leased Line

A Leased Line is a Dedicated Line that is 100% yours, all the time, no sharing.


These UltraFast, Ultra Reliable, Dedicated Lines come with industry leading Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and speeds up to 10Gbps.

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What is a Leased Line?

A leased line, also known as a dedicated line, is a full-fibre connection where the bandwidth is 100% yours, all the time.

Owning a leased line where the bandwidth is 100% allows your business to secure a fast, reliable, service regardless of the time of day. It’s like paying for fast track at the airport, you get to avoid all the wait time and get where you need to be straight away.

What is the difference between Fibre Broadband and a Leased Line.

Leased Line: A leased line, also known as a dedicated line, is a full-fibre connection direct to your building where the bandwidth is 100% yours, all the time.  

Our Leased Line’s offer 99.999% up time availability with speeds up to 10Gbps and industry leading service line agreements (SLAs), with guaranteed fix times starting as low as 6 hours. However these fix times could be as low as 4 hours in some areas depending on availability.

These ‘UltraFast’, Ultra Reliable lines are essential for those businesses that require a guaranteed connection that will not be prone to downtime or speed reduction during peak times. And when paired with our ‘High Availability’ backup services we can ensure that in the eventuality that you experience that 0.001% downtime, that you will keep your business connected.

Broadband and Fibre Broadband: Standard Broadband offerings are a connection that is shared with other businesses and even homes, which during peak times can often lead to bandwidth contension and slower speeds. Meaning that when your business is trying to get work done, your broadband connection is working against you. Unlike Leased Line connections, the standard SLA fix time on most Fibre Broadband lines starts at 24 hours, however, this can often be much longer.

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Why does your business need a Fast & Reliable Connection?

leased Line Benefits - Video Calls

Video Calls

Over the past decade, and more so in the past few years, more business become dependent on video calling services such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom and others for meetings with clients, customers and more. Having a personal leased line guarantee’s the best available connection speeds with the lowest latency for all devices.  This ensures that every member of your business can get the best video calling experience possible across all of their devices, eliminating the risk of quality degradation and call drops.

leased Line Benefits - VoIP/Voice Over Internet Protocol

VoIP Internet Phone Calls

As we approach the ISDN/PSTN switch off in 2025, more businesses are moving away from traditional phone systems and are moving to VoIP based systems. These offer all the same features you expect from a tradition phone system (and much more besides), available to access over the internet. Slower, shared traditional connections can interfere with these communications and make calls over the internet unreliable. A dedicated connection will guarantee the best quality with the lowest latency 100% of the time.

Leased Line - Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage

The exchange of files and information within businesses and amongst businesses is common, and with the increased reliance on Cloud Storage more businesses than ever rely on the upload and download of files even between devices in their own business. But the larger the file, the larger amount of time spent downloading. Leased Lines enable for download speeds to be guaranteed for the business throughout the day, meaning that devices will always get the best download speeds available to them.

Leased Line - File/Folder/Machine Backup


Much like Cloud Storage & Sending/Downloading Large files, Backing Up your businesses data to the cloud can be time consuming if your connection speeds is slow or shared. Many Businesses have transitioned in recent years to have their primary or secondary business backups hosted in the cloud. With leased lines you get 100% of the bandwidth and speed available to you, meaning that your data transfer will be significantly faster.

Leased Line Benefits - Cloud Computing/Cloud Server

Cloud Computing

As businesses internet services become faster and more reliable, more businesses are swapping much of their traditional hardware for a cloud computing solution. This could be in the form of Cloud Servers or even ‘Desktop as a Service’. These cloud solutions require a fast, stable, low latency connection to ensure that businesses receive the same service, whilst spending a fraction of the amount that they would have done on traditional hardware.

Leased Line Benefits - Video Streaming

Video Streaming

Streaming Services such as YouTube, Prime Video, Netflix, Disney+ and others adapt their quality and experience depending upon your connection speed and latency. Meaning that a slower shared connection is likely to result in a poorer experience than on a dedicated line where you receive 100% of the bandwidth and speed available to your business. Due to this, businesses with leased lines receive a far better experience streaming to not only one device, but multiple devices. 

What are some of the other advatages of a Leased Line?

Benefits & Advantages of Leased Line
Increased Reliability & Performance

Having a leased line means that you own a dedicated full fibre connection, so there is no interference from other connection which could slow it down. This is because you solely own that line, meaning you get the maximum data transfer speed at any given time.  

Better speeds have a significant positive effect on your daily business as you don’t have to wait for your network, allowing you to get where you need to be, whenever you need to be there. 

Faster Upload & Download Speeds

As your connection isn’t being shared, the capabilities your leased line will have will exceed a standard broadband line. This is because the bandwidth isn’t being throttled allowing you to get the maximum data transfer speeds possible at any given time.

Dedicated 100% Bandwidth

Allows your business to secure a fast, reliable, services regardless of the time of day as it is solely your business that uses the full fibre connection.

FREE Blacklist Monitoring

All One2Call’s leased lines come with free blacklist monitoring, so you will be notified if any of your domain names or IP addresses get blacklisted, acting as an early warning sign for spam or malware. This can save your business from significant cyber threat. 

Having this included as standard within your network can provide a lot of benefit to your business and its users. However, we always recommend extra cyber security within the rest of your business’ network as cyber threats are forever growing with bigger consequences with newer threats.   

Bolt-On Features

We can build a connectivity package bespoke to your business with all the recommended features best suited for your business.  

Some of our advanced lease line features include: 

  • DDoS Prevention    
  • Carrier-diverse resilience    
  • Hosted Firewall    
  • Quality of Service (QoS)    
  • Multisite Optimisation (SD-WAN, MPLS) 

    We Compare Providers from our list of Partners to get the Best Service at the Best Price.

    We have a range of partnerships with the World’s leading providers to supply you with the most effective services when it comes to broadband, telecoms, mobile, and much more. Different brands offer different benefits which One2Call can tailor to your business so you can focus on what matters.

    Leased Line Bolt Ons

    DDoS Prevention

    DDoS Prevention

    A Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack is a cyber-attack when a perpetrate overloads your systems in order to paralyse your business. This is done by a multitude of compromised computers flooding your systems such as your server, website, or other network resources in order to leave it overwhelmed.  

    A targeted attack could cause your sever issues including being locked out of your own website, loose your internet connectivity, and VOIP services in one swoop. The effects of this form of attack could cost your business a significant amount of time and money. 

    Building DDoS Prevention into the network core allows you to have a strong backbone of security against this type of cyber-attack. One2Call recommend this system in order to maintain your network now and in the future.  

    What does DDoS Prevention include?
    • Separate traffic
      Systems will be able to recognise whitelisted IP addresses (such as your own IP address or those of your cloud service providers).
    • Filter deep analysis of the traffic
      Understanding the behaviours of traffic and where it comes from allows you to have better control over what individual you let into your network.
    • Traffic distribution
      If attackers are spotted overloading a certain area, features can be implemented to move/divert certain traffic to stop your network getting flooded and paralysed.
    • Monitoring
      Constant surveillance over a DDoS attack comes with the service to keep the threat of a cyber-attack to a minimum.
    • Failovers
      If an overload was to happen the DDoS prevention has backups in place in order to claim back your network and minimise down time.  
    What are the benefits of DDoS Prevention?
    • Performance is improved when under attack
      DDos Prevention manages the traffic to your network so has more initial control over its server, website, or other network resource. This means it is more prepared for an attack and can act quicker/instantaneously.  
    • Less downtime
      DDoS protection decreases or even eliminates downtime from an attack on your network. This means a less costly outcome should the worse happen.
    • Set up and management of systems is simple
      Our team of experts can set up and manage your DDoS prevention features as a part of package.
    Carrier Diverse Resilience

    Carrier-Diverse Resilience

    When it comes to your network connection you want something that can always be depended on. Connectivity resilience is a secondary connection (a backup connection) that is usually offered standard with business broadband. However, standard practice is to have both connections route via the same carrier which can cause an abundance of problems. 

    Issues may occur even if the connection uses a different supplier as the stem if the issue comes from the fibre line itself that is shared with multiple people and multiple broadband providers. For true resilience your second (or third) connection courier should be different from your original.  

    What are the benefits of Carrier-Diverse Resilience?
    • Reliability in your connectivity
      As the backup connection is supplied through a separate network, if a connection was to ever fail you have an alternative one that will still operate.
    • Improved business performance
      Don’t be impacted by being offline for prolonged amount of time, improving performance, and reputation.
    Hosted Firewall

    Hosted Firewall

    A firewall is a network security device in place to protect your business from cyber-attack. It does this by managing the traffic in and out of your network whether this be your server, website or other networking resource. The firewall decides whether a certain traffic should be blocked or allowed access depending on a set of rules laid out by the business owner (you). 

    Our hosted firewall sits off-site at the core network level meaning that all information directed to your network is monitored before it reaches you, to stop any malicious activity entering your systems to reduce/eliminate cyberattacks.  

    What are the Key features of Hosted Firewall?
    • Inbound traffic is monitored before it reaches your network. 
    • It isn’t affected by your on-site conditions. 
    • Can act as a central firewall across all sites reducing duplication of effort and cost. 
    • Can be a sole or additional firewall, allowing central and local configuration. 
    • Can be fully managed, meaning you can concentrate on other things. 
    • Can be partially managed, meaning your IT team can still have full control, but with backup from us. 
    • Data centre levels of power and connectivity resilience.

        Why choose One2Call for your Leased Line Services?

        Quality of Service

        Quality of Service (QoS)

        Quality of service also known as Class of Service or WAN (wide-area network) optimisation, is the manipulation of the movement of data across networks to allow traffic to move seamlessly without negative impact on your network.  

        By grouping similar types of traffic, such as emails, streaming, VIOP, and large document file uploads or downloads, it allows your systems to control when there is a surge in a certain area in order to keep control of your network.  

        Using technology to manage traffic can help ensure the performance of critical services such as cloud services or VOIP calls. This enables to keep certain services operating even during surges of activity. 

        What are the benefits of QoS?
        • Keep critical services like VIOP call running even during surges in activity in your network.
          This is due to the nature of the service as it allows you to keep control over all activities within your network.
        • Reliability in your service.
          Have the trust that the certain systems your business depends on will have the bandwidth to work even in surges of activity to keep your business running smoothly.
        • Can be built into your business’ core network.
          Being at the core means it can be applied across the whole network and isolate particular systems you need.
        • Independent of on-site hardware which can fail or lose power.
          By having a failsafe on your controls means that even if your systems fail One2Call can still manage your traffic to stop it getting overwhelmed.
        • One2Call can Manage your QoS to free up your resources.
        Multisite Optimisation

        Multisite Optimisation (SD-WAN, MPLS)

        Multisite optimisation is used when a business has more than one site and the technology is used to bring them all together so connections can be optimised. This works well for any businesses to maximise their networks.

        The two main ways of optimising multisite connectivity is via SD-WAN and MPLS.

        The benefits of multisite optimisation include:

        • Reduction in connectivity costs.
        • Faster speeds between sites.
        • Lower latency between sites.
        • A more resilient network with more backup and failover options.
        • Centralised QoS and network segmentation.
        What is SD-WAN?

        SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Network) uses software to define what traffic goes where. It’s a multisite approach built with the cloud in mind. 

        The advantages of SD-WAN 

        • Centrally-managed, making it simpler and less costly to manage. 
        • Cloud services are more easily integrated. 
        • Use any connection type, from Leased Line to 5G. 
        • Improved security through centralised policy management, threat detection and encryption. 
        • New sites can be set up in minutes. 
        What is MPLS?

        MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching) also enables the central management of business traffic. The service provider applies it using on-site hardware. 

        The advantages of MPLS   

        • Performance guarantees (such as speed) applied by the network. 
        • Improved VOIP or video due to better real-time performance. 
        • More resilient to DDoS attacks as less IP-dependent.

        Practice Safe Internet & Stay Secure with your Business Broadband

        When it comes to the internet, security is a big thing, especially for business who hold private/personal information which needs protecting/securing.  

        One2Call offer managed services that cover your security with bolt-ons available including:  

        And more to help keep your business and its data secure. We always recommend adding this coverage to your packages as the risks of cyber threat is far too great to get you and your business covered. 

        When it comes to business broadband is the backbone, supplying the WiFi/Wireless connection that you and your employee need every day.  

        Frequently Asked Questions

        Do I get WiFi Included?

        WiFi and Broadband are two separate things. Broadband is your connection delivered via fibre or copper cables to your business. Whereas Wi-Fi is technology that allows you to connect your wireless devices to the internet.  

        When your broadband is connected to your property a Router will allow the data to be used to connect devices to the internet. Some Routers (especially consumer Routers) will allow you to connect to the internet over Wi-Fi built in to the routers. However, in many cases, this built in WiFi may not be have a suitable range, capacity or speed to be suitable to most businesses. In this case most businesses will have separate wireless infrastructure to allow for a wide range of devices to connect to the internet over a large business footprint.  

        At One2Call we can also work with your business to asses your Wireless/Networking requirements, and we can recommend (and even install, manage and maintain) a solution to suit your business needs. 

        Is Security included with my Business Broadband?

        When it comes to your cyber security, One2Call offer a range of services to keep you covered from all angles. These can all be added onto your plan as extras when we build your tailor-made service.  

        How reliable is my Business Broadband?

        The reliability of your Business Broadband is dependent on a magnitude of factors. However, building an ultrareliable, ultrafast Business Broadband is most achievable with Full Fibre Broadband (FTTP) and Leased Lines, as its transmitting technologies allow signal to be passed directly to your business.  

        If you do have any issues, our broadband services come with industry leading SLA (Service Level Agreement) fix times to ensure that you can get your business back up and running as quickly as possible, and as we are carrier independent, we can also provide backup lines on separate connections or emergency connectivity options to vastly reduce your risk of any potential downtime. 

        What is Broadband Bandwidth?

        Bandwidth is best defined as the maximum data transfer rate referring to the maximum amount of data transfer per second not the speed of data transfer.   

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