Emergency Connectivity

Regardless of how reliable your Business Broadband connection is, there is always the risk of unexpected downtime.


At One2Call we offer Emergency Connectivity Solutions and High Availability Backup Solutions to mitigate your downtime.


If you are suffering from an Emergency Loss of Service and require Internet Connectivity ASAP Call Us on 01142 30 00 80 to enquire about our Emergency Connectivity Services.

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Eliminate down time in an Emergency with One2Call

Businesses across the UK, and around the world, rely on their internet connection now more than ever before. Businesses rely on their broadband connection for; emails, video calls, VoIP/internet phone systems, cloud storage, backup solutions, security, cloud hosted software, desktop as a service and much more.

As such, it is vital that businesses develop a plan as part of their IT strategy to cover what should happen in the event of an emergency where your business looses internet connectivity to minimise downtime.

At One2Call we can offer temporary solutions to get your business connected as soon as possible. We can also work with your business to plan for the unexpected before it happens, we can provide backup connections and emergency connectivity solutions as part of a redundancy or high availability plan. By planning ahead for these potential downtimes it ensures that you can reduce downtime and improve productivity.

Our High Availability plans ensure that in the event that your primary business broadband does loose connectivity, your business will immediately connected to a backup connection. And once your primary business broadband connection returns, you will automatically be reconnected with little to no downtime as the connection swaps over.

In the event of a sudden loss of connectivity with your Business Broadband, we can deploy 4G/5G solutions in as little as a matter of hours. This can be as simple as a single dongle to plug into your desktop or laptop or router, to a complex 4G router that we can configure so that your entire businesses can get connected again whilst we monitor for your businesses broadband connection to become available again. 

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What are the potential effects of Broadband Downtime on your Business?

Broadband Downtime Anxiety

Lost Productivity  

The more time your business goes without an internet connection, the more work doesn’t get done. This means that you will be at a loss for productivity because of a simple fix, if you had One2Calls fully managed services we would be able to monitor and, where possible, prevent your connections from going offline before you started to experience any issues.  

Diminished Revenues 

Without an internet connection, most modern businesses would struggle to operate properly, losing out or being restricted on the types of business they can do. Therefore, a poor connection or no connectivity can result in a loss or reduction in revenue. A continued loss of connectivity will continue to have a negative impact on revenue, and if you do not have agreed SLA fix times you could be experiencing downtime of days. Emergency connectivity aims to get you connected as soon as possible 

Communication Breakdown 

Continuous Communication is key for all businesses, but in order to have effective communication your business must have a strong, reliable connection. This can be achieved by using One2Call’s bespoke connectivity packages which offer backup and/or emergency connectivity solutions to reduce the chance of your business’ communications channels failing.  

Lost Data 

Businesses that rely on their business broadband internet connectivity for data backup solutions can be left exposed to lost data whilst ever they are without an internet connection. Files could be corrupted or deleted without the ability to recover them, or once they are recovered the business could have lost hours or days worth of work. Businesses who use cloud based databases for production, finance and more could lose data they are working on and more.

Lost Reputation 

Whilst many businesses do not think of this, a loss of internet connectivity can also result in a loss of business reputation. If the business is unable to keep in contact with customers or clients, lose phone line connectivity, email connectivity and more, they may lose out on business. If this becomes a regular occurrence, this can also impact your PR and Marketing relations as you may become untrusted within your industry and therefore lose custom as a result. 

What are the different kinds of Emergency Connectivity?

Emergency Unplanned Loss Of Service

Emergency Unplanned Loss of Connectivity - Emergency Connectivity

Same Day Connectivity

Here at One2Call we understand that the reliability of your business’s internet connection can’t always be controlled, even the most reliable connection can experience downtime. However, can work with businesses to ensure that you can get back up and running as quickly as possible in the event of an emergency. We can also help businesses develop their IT Stratergy to ensure that they understand what to do in the event of an emergency, or implement backup connection or high availability solution if the worst were to happen. This can include backup connections on a separate line provider, and even emergency 4G/5G connectivity.

If your connection was to fail and your business (or elements of your business) suffer downtime, contact us as soon as possible. If you are one of our customers, we will most likely be aware of the issue before we pick up the phone due to our connectivity monitoring platforms. Our team of specialists will investigate the issue, and if there is a connectivity problem, they will attempt get you back up and running as soon as possible. Even going so far as to be able to provide a 4G/5G router if it is required. 

Outsourcing your connectivity means you offload the stress, we manage it all for you, all it takes is a phone call to alert us to any issues that may have occurred.  

Planned Outages/Downtime

Planned Outages/Downtime - Emergency Connectivity

Planned outages can come in many forms; it could be that your current internet service provider is doing work in the area, or that you are planning to move into new offices and do not yet have a permanent solution. Whatever the case, we can provide you with a wide range of Temporary Internet Connections. 

Temporary Internet Connections 

Many businesses require temporary connections, this could be for a temporary office, building sites and much more. We can offer temporary wired internet connection that get you online, with installation usually within 7 days, with 30-day rolling terms you can cancel as soon as you’re done.

Alternatively, we can provide 4G/5G routers that can be deployed in as little as a few hours. Meaning that you can get your business connected on a temporary connection with very little notice needed. This is also useful for businesses who have temorary offices such as building sites where they need to deploy an internet connectivity solution where a permenant solution may not be viable.

These types of connection are good for business needing connection but not committed to a specific place to warrant a full installation, offering the flexibility to use the connection for as long as is required. 

Disaster Planning & Redundancy Solutions

Disaster Planning & redundancy Solutions - Emergency Connectivity

Disaster Recovery and/or Redundancy Solutions should be an essential part of every businesses IT Strategy.

Having procedures in place to ensure that you do not leave your business without internet ultimately protects your business in the short and long term. 

If you don’t currently have a backup connectivity plan in place, or if you are concerned what you may do if your business finds itself without internet, get in touch today and one of our experts will discuss all the available options. This can save you time and money by putting a plan in place now, rather than waiting until it is too late. We can work with you to ensure that you have a backup and/or redundancy solution that best suits your business requirements. 

Having a backup connection available to you ensures the continuity of your business operations if your primary connection were to suffer unexpected downtime. This will provide a seamless connectivity experience for your; employees, clients, students, partners, investors, or whomever else relies on your business to stay operating. It allows you to be seen as trustworthy and reflect it in a positive way. 

Keeping Connected On The Go

Keeping Connected on the Go with Business Mobiles from One2Call

Modern businesses deserve a connectivity solution that can keep up with their ever evolving business needs, whether that’s; home working, travelling for business or out of office work, it is important to keep a strong service connection. A reliable connection is one that will allow you to work when you need to and where you need to without having to worry about dead zones and poor service. We can work with you to assess your business requirements, where your business operates and more to ensure that you are paired with the best mobile network for your businesses requirements. 

It doesn’t stop there though, connection on the go could also include a compatible 4G/5G Dongle and Dormant 4G/5G Data SIM for every worker and in the event of an emergency, or lack of home consumer broadband connectivity, activate the SIM and help your team get connected. Or pair your mobile data bundles with allowances for Personal Hotspot connectivity.

For the most robust solution, we can also offer offer network-roaming SIMs that take the hassle out of network dead zones.

We Compare Providers from our list of Partners to get the Best Service at the Best Price.

We have a range of partnerships with the World’s leading providers to supply you with the most effective services when it comes to broadband, telecoms, mobile, and much more. Different brands offer different benefits which One2Call can tailor to your business so you can focus on what matters.

Practice Safe Internet & Stay Secure with your Business Broadband

When it comes to the internet, security is a big thing, especially for business who hold private/personal information which needs protecting/securing.  

One2Call offer managed services that cover your security with bolt-ons available including:  

And more to help keep your business and its data secure. We always recommend adding this coverage to your packages as the risks of cyber threat is far too great to get you and your business covered. 

When it comes to business broadband is the backbone, supplying the WiFi/Wireless connection that you and your employee need every day.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I get WiFi Included?

WiFi and Broadband are two separate things. Broadband is your connection delivered via fibre or copper cables to your business. Whereas Wi-Fi is technology that allows you to connect your wireless devices to the internet.  

When your broadband is connected to your property a Router will allow the data to be used to connect devices to the internet. Some Routers (especially consumer Routers) will allow you to connect to the internet over Wi-Fi built in to the routers. However, in many cases, this built in WiFi may not be have a suitable range, capacity or speed to be suitable to most businesses. In this case most businesses will have separate wireless infrastructure to allow for a wide range of devices to connect to the internet over a large business footprint.  

At One2Call we can also work with your business to asses your Wireless/Networking requirements, and we can recommend (and even install, manage and maintain) a solution to suit your business needs. 

Is Security included with my Business Broadband?

When it comes to your cyber security, One2Call offer a range of services to keep you covered from all angles. These can all be added onto your plan as extras when we build your tailor-made service.  

How reliable is my Business Broadband?

The reliability of your Business Broadband is dependent on a magnitude of factors. However, building an ultrareliable, ultrafast Business Broadband is most achievable with Full Fibre Broadband (FTTP) and Leased Lines, as its transmitting technologies allow signal to be passed directly to your business.  

If you do have any issues, our broadband services come with industry leading SLA (Service Level Agreement) fix times to ensure that you can get your business back up and running as quickly as possible, and as we are carrier independent, we can also provide backup lines on separate connections or emergency connectivity options to vastly reduce your risk of any potential downtime. 

What is Broadband Bandwidth?

Bandwidth is best defined as the maximum data transfer rate referring to the maximum amount of data transfer per second not the speed of data transfer.   

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