Use SD-WAN to intelligently route your business network traffic internally or externally dependent on your users requirements.


Regardless of your connection type or provider; Leased Line, FTTP, VDSL, Mobile Data and more, we can ensure that your network traffic is managed to provide the highest quality of service for your applications and data management.

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What is SD-WAN and how can it benefit your business?

SD-WAN, or Software-defined wide area networking, uses software to define where your network traffic goes depending on your user or applications requirements. It is a cloud based multisite network management tool designed to give business more control over their network traffic to improve performance and quality of service.

SD-WAN is built to provide businesses with an automated approach to managing the movement of information over their networks in a cost-effective way that would alternatively involve costly MPLS services. SD WAN is programmed in such a way so that it meets business cyber security and quality-of-service (QoS) requirements, with the ability to set individual routing policies depending on what you require as an organisation.  

As standard, SD-WAN is able to provide intelligent traffic routing and threat prevention, whilst also offloading of expensive hardware circuits and providing simplification of traditional WAN network management.

SD-WAN also provides businesses with the ability to support firewalls, gateways, virtual private network (VPN) tools and other features that increase privacy, cyber resilience and security. As such SD-WAN is also a core component of the SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) solution that combines services such as SD-WAN, Firewall, DNS, Secure Web Gateway, Zero Trust Network Access, Multi-Factor Authentication and much more into a single cloud hosted solution to simplify and improve on business business security regardless of where your users are located.

SD-WAN’s evolution from the older MPLS and traditional WAN solutions mean that it both delivers all of the same features of MPLS and WAN, whilst improving on them to provide businesses with a better and easier to manage solution.

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SD-WAN vs Traditional MPLS

SD-WAN vs Traditional MPLS

MPLS, or Multi-Protocol Label Switching, enables the central management of business traffic. This is provided by using on site hardware, pared with compatible broadband connections to guarantee the best performance, to provide dedicated hardware based links between sites.

SD-WAN has evolved from MPLS, and offers all of the same features that MPLS offers and far more, providing the ability to deploy more quickly over more locations whilst also bringing added security to your connectivity. Whereas Traditional MPLS connects all sites to a central datacentre to route traffic before routing to the internet, SD-WAN is all about the optimisation of application performance, ensuring that your traffic is routed intelligently according its requirements. For example, cloud based software solutions will be able to route directly out to the internet rather than through to a central data centre and then on to the internet, reducing bottleneck and increasing performance and reliability.

The key factor that MPLS and SD-WAN have in common is that they are both ways of optimising multisite connectivity, ensuring that applications and data that require direct intersite connectivity route directly to increase quality of service. The primary benefits of this multisite optimisation include: 

  • Reduction in connectivity costs. 
  • Faster speeds between sites 
  • Lower latency between sites. 
  • A more resilient network with more backup and failover options. 
  • Centralised QoS and network segmentation.

What are the key benefits of SD-WAN over Traditional MPLS and WAN solutions?

Benefits of SD-WAN over MPLS and WAN
Centrally Managed

SD-WAN allows businesses to move away from traditional WAN based solutions to a simpler, more cost effective, automated method of network and traffic management. This vastly improves on the ability manage your netwrok traffic.

Improved Cloud Service Performance

SD-WAN vastly improves the performance of cloud based services. Traditional MPLS and WAN solutions route all traffic to a central data centre before routing traffic out to the internet. SD-WAN can route trusted cloud based software and services directly to the internet, reducing on bottleneck at the data centre and improving performance of those services as a result.

Use any Connection

As opposed to the traditional MPLS and WAN solutions, SD-WAN is able to work over any connection type, including; Leased Line, FTTP, FTTC, VDSL and even 4G/5G connections if required. For many businesses this can include a drastic cost saving rather than using costly services compatible with MPLS solutions.

Improved Security

By evolving from traditional MPLS based solutions, SD-WAN provides the ability to improve on business security by providing centrally managed policy management, threat detection, encryption and more. Including the ability to link in with physical or cloud hosted firewall solutions such as those found in a SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) based solution.

Setup New Sites in Minutes

Because SD-WAN was built from the ground up with Multi-Site connectivity in mind, the simple aproach allows managers to quickly and easily set up and connect new sites.

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