Mobile Device Management & Security

Easily Manage all of your Business Mobile and Mobile Workforce with MDM.


Mobile Device Management gives you the power to easily set up, monitor and manage all of your mobile devices whilst keeping them secure.


But it doesn’t stop there our MDM Solutions can link with our Business Mobile services for a simple, seamless solution for your Mobile Needs.

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How can Mobile Device Management help your business?

Mobile devices are essential to modern businesses. They offer organisations the chance to be flexible with their point of work including the time and location they chose/need to work. By having access to smartphones, laptops, and other mobile devices means your business can thrive, however, these devices can cause huge security and administration problems.  

One2Call’s Mobile Device Management controls all the different aspects of your business’ mobile devices. As device management can be a massive, time-consuming burden on your business, we’ve developed a user-friendly service that includes your business security all in one package.  

What does the One2Call Mobile Device Management (MDM) Solution Include?

  • Management and Support of all of your devices and their users.
  • Manage the setup of all of your devices.
  • Apply Mobile Policies such as when/where they can be used.
  • Location Based Rules.
  • Remotely lock and change device passwords.
  • Securely wipe devices remotely to ensure data is not lost or stolen.
  • Set device and app rules to improve productivity and restrict apps and/or websites that can decrease productivity.


How else can we integrate MDM with your Business Mobiles?

  • We can provide new devices, set up before they reach your business.
  • Decommission old devices and/or SIMs remotely.

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What are some of the Business Benefits of Mobile Device Managemnet?

Business Mobile Device Management Benefits

Remote Configuration

Remote configuration includes completing important tasks and having control over aspects of a mobile device that affect the user’s experience. One2Call service allows you to remotely configure WiFi, VPN, calendar and contacts remotely in real time.

Enhanced Device Security

Mobile devices have exceptional benefits on your business allowing you to take your business anywhere. However, this also poses a huge threat on your security as new cyber threats come from mobile devices.

One2Call discuss what policies you want set up for your business and users whether that be a limitation on the installation of unauthorised apps or services or the ability to lock/wipe stolen or lost devices. Once your team is enrolled, they can have the reassurance knowing their devices are protected from common security threats.

Other security policies include simple and strong safeguarding like the enforcing of passcodes and encryption with certain limitations of password quality, length, and duration.

Easy Deployment

The activation of mobile device management is a quick and simple process. Deployment to all devices can be easily done by sending a SMS, email, or otherwise providing a link to the target device. Easy Deployment also makes it easy to bulk deploy devices including configuring them automatically on start up straight out of the box from the manufacturer.

Approve only Trusted Devices

Having good safety features within your business’ devices should be priority as it protects your data and network. This all starts with the devices you accept onto your network. The implementation of a screening process of devices before you allow them access to your network, includes the quarantine of devices to see if they pose any threat to your systems.

We Compare Providers from our list of Partners to get the Best Service at the Best Price.

We have a range of partnerships with the World’s leading providers to supply you with the most effective services when it comes to broadband, telecoms, mobile, and much more. Different brands offer different benefits which One2Call can tailor to your business so you can focus on what matters.

Mobile Device Security

Mobile devices hold the possibility to cause you a significant amount of damage through cyber-attack, lost or stolen devices, damaging your network, and much more. Therefore, at One2Call we encourage all of our customers to understand the necessity of device security. Mobile Device Security is the protection of portable devices including smartphone, tablets, laptops and any other portable smart device & covers any form of attack on those devices targeting your business’ data.

Business Mobile Device Security

Password Quality

Although including a password on all device is vital it is also important to create quality passcodes that meet a specific criteria to improve the safety level of your passwords.  

Enforced Encryption

Passwords gives the initial safety barrier in your devices, however by encrypting your devices behind a password you can prevent brute force attacks on your business data.


Using the location as a starting point you can set your devices to different rules. This could include more security features when outside a certain area or trigger responses if your devices are in a different location to normal at a different time.

Remote Reset

If a mobile device is lost or stolen, One2Call deploy management techniques to secure your data and network. In the event of this our team can remotely lock or wipe any device if it’s a risk from being lost or stolen.

Remote Password Management

Everyone can be a bit forgetful at times, especially when it comes to the amount of different passwords we all have. Whether it is forgetfulness or the ability to stop someone accessing a device we can remotely reset device passwords.

Quarantine Devices

To filter out any harmful devices to your network, especially jailbroken or rooted devices, you can detect, deny or add a quarantine period to section any possible threat before being approved or denied access.

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