VDSL Broadband

High Speed Broadband over Short Distances whether you are using it for your Business Broadband, a Backup Service or for your Key Business Home Workers.

VDSL Broadband provides you with the Speed, Flexibility and Reliability of a Broadband Service, with the ability to add Enterprise Level SLA’s.

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What is VDSL?

VDSL (Very High-Speed Digital Subscriber Line) broadband is a networking technology designed to provide faster services over short distances. The technology One2Call offers allows broadband connections to remain at the quality and speed you expect whether you use VDSL for your primary Business Broadband, use it as a Back-up Service or for your key Business Home Workers. Connections are improved by the reduction of over stimulation of bandwidth, meaning here at One2Call we don’t overuse one connection for profit. We make are connection strong and secure, always.  

The installation of upgraded routers means businesses are prepared with all the tools they need to accommodate modern cloud and security solutions. These provide the perfect base for a smooth-running communication service that has low latency and zero throttling issues.

All of this means that VDSL connections are still perfect for video and voice services like Zoom, Teams, and other cloud communication services popular in today’s current working environment.    

What are some of the benefits of VDSL?  

  • Fastest Available Speeds
  • Reliable Remote Connections
  • Priority Fix Times
  • 30-Day Contract Options
  • Business – Grade Router
  • Built for Voice & Video 

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Fast, Reliable, Remote Connections

Fast, Reliable, Remote Connections - VDSL & Home Business Broadband

When it comes to our connections, they don’t share bandwidth (networks) meaning that transmitting signals will always get the maximum speeds available. A more stable connection offers better download speeds (less lag) meaning weather you are on a video call or streaming video, you will always get the best service available to you.  

VDSL allows all forms of media the ability to run smoothly through your devices, offering an uncomplicated service that works for you and your location. As the focus is on getting you the best network for your area, our Private WAN option provides a simpler, more secure and more reliable alternative to sometimes unreliable VPNs. 

Priority Fix Times, Contract Free Options

Priority Fix Times - VDSL & Home Business Broadband

All of our VDSL broadband solutions are available with the option of monthly rolling contracts, meaning you’re not committed if things change in future or only require the connection for a shorter period of time.

Upgrades and Bolt-Ons are available in all our packages with the most popular being our 7-hour target fix which is comparable with most enterprise based solutions such as Leased Line, and even next day fix SLA targets are standard on all connections.

This means that you are protected if your connection is lost. These give peace of mind to your business, knowing that you will get back up and running as soon as possible. 

SoGEA – The Future of VDSL

SoGEA - The Future of VDSL

VDSL operates using the older style connection of copper phone lines for the connection to your business (which will shortly be discontinued within the UK), the development of SoGEA has allowed for VDSL services to be installed without the need for the copper cable.

This means our services offer will remain the same via the SoGEA implementation and this technology is built to last into the future. 

We Compare Providers from our list of Partners to get the Best Service at the Best Price.

We have a range of partnerships with the World’s leading providers to supply you with the most effective services when it comes to broadband, telecoms, mobile, and much more. Different brands offer different benefits which One2Call can tailor to your business so you can focus on what matters.

Practice Safe Internet & Stay Secure with your Business Broadband

When it comes to the internet, security is a big thing, especially for business who hold private/personal information which needs protecting/securing.  

One2Call offer managed services that cover your security with bolt-ons available including:  

And more to help keep your business and its data secure. We always recommend adding this coverage to your packages as the risks of cyber threat is far too great to get you and your business covered. 

When it comes to business broadband is the backbone, supplying the WiFi/Wireless connection that you and your employee need every day.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I get WiFi Included?

WiFi and Broadband are two separate things. Broadband is your connection delivered via fibre or copper cables to your business. Whereas Wi-Fi is technology that allows you to connect your wireless devices to the internet.  

When your broadband is connected to your property a Router will allow the data to be used to connect devices to the internet. Some Routers (especially consumer Routers) will allow you to connect to the internet over Wi-Fi built in to the routers. However, in many cases, this built in WiFi may not be have a suitable range, capacity or speed to be suitable to most businesses. In this case most businesses will have separate wireless infrastructure to allow for a wide range of devices to connect to the internet over a large business footprint.  

At One2Call we can also work with your business to asses your Wireless/Networking requirements, and we can recommend (and even install, manage and maintain) a solution to suit your business needs. 

Is Security included with my Business Broadband?

When it comes to your cyber security, One2Call offer a range of services to keep you covered from all angles. These can all be added onto your plan as extras when we build your tailor-made service.  

How reliable is my Business Broadband?

The reliability of your Business Broadband is dependent on a magnitude of factors. However, building an ultrareliable, ultrafast Business Broadband is most achievable with Full Fibre Broadband (FTTP) and Leased Lines, as its transmitting technologies allow signal to be passed directly to your business.  

If you do have any issues, our broadband services come with industry leading SLA (Service Level Agreement) fix times to ensure that you can get your business back up and running as quickly as possible, and as we are carrier independent, we can also provide backup lines on separate connections or emergency connectivity options to vastly reduce your risk of any potential downtime. 

What is Broadband Bandwidth?

Bandwidth is best defined as the maximum data transfer rate referring to the maximum amount of data transfer per second not the speed of data transfer.   

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